Sorority and Fraternity Community Involvement


Homecoming is the time of year when alumni are invited back to Iowa State for a football game during the fall.  This Fall Iowa State University celebrated its 101st homecoming.  During this time the Greek Community is hard at work with the traditions of homecoming week.  These events include Yell Like Hell, Lawn Display and Homecoming tournaments.


Greek Week

Greek Week is a 60+ year tradition at Iowa State! The goal of Greek Week is to unite the Greek Community under a common bond of fraternal friendship. There are activities to help the community, to foster friendship, and of course, to have some fun along the way.

Members dance and compete in lip sync contests, race and play in the Greek Olympics and Tournaments, enjoy block parties, and participate in the Special Olympics Polar Bear Plunge. In 2013, members of the Greek Community raised over $135,000 for the Special Olympics of Iowa!

The week concludes with Vespers, a Greek leadership recognition night. Individual chapter members are also awarded with Greek Man of the Year, Greek Woman of the Year, and Chapter President of the Year. Vespers is the night when all chapters are recognized for their success and achievements from the past year.   Also during Greek Week we were able to finish third overall in points out of all the pairings with strong finishes like  second in lip sync and first in spirit.




The Interfraternity Council is very important to our chapter and Iowa State University.  The IFC is the governing body of the Greek community establishes rules and encourages each chapter to become better. For more information, visit

Jude Larenzie (E2107) on being a member of IFC:

“As an executive officer on the Interfraternity Council I had the opportunity to not only make relevant and beneficial changes to the Iowa State University Greek Community as a whole, but I also had the chance to represent Tau Kappa Epsilon in a positive manner. On the Interfraternity Council I served as the Vice President of Judicial Affairs; which is the close equivalent to the Epiprytanis in TKE, where my main responsibilities included writing and editing bylaws, along with facilitating all judicial matters related to the community.  In my term many bylaw changes had to be made, but the one I’m most proud of is the bylaw that raised the academic standards in the community. As a member of TKE, I value the importance of scholarship so I’m glad I had to opportunity to help create a more structured standard that holds the entire community accountable for their grades, including the men of TKE. It was also nice to represent TKE on the Interfraternity Council since it gives validity to the chapter that it produces capable leaders not only within the fraternity, but also those that succeed in organizations outside of the fraternity as well. Though I was sad I gave up my last chance to be a jeweled officer within TKE during my term on IFC, the experiences I had and the difference I was able to make in the community made my time spent invaluable.”


The Emerging Greek Leadership Council (EGLC) serves as a stimulating environment for new members of the Greek Community. The council works in conjunction with the Panhellenic and Interfraternity Councils to build a strong foundation for future Greek involvement by encouraging the development of leadership skills, citizenship, character, and camaraderie. EGLC serves as a stepping-stone for future involvement both throughout the Greek Community and campus-wide leadership and involvement.

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