Brotherhood: Cameron Johnson


“One aspect of Epsilon Chapter that continues to separate us from other fraternities on campus and around the world is our incredible sense of brotherhood. I can personally say from my own experience that it is this element of brotherhood and the way the entire chapter is able to show it every day that convinced me and many others to join Epsilon Chapter. In a chapter of over 100 members, it can be very easy to drift off into a variety of different groups who don’t necessarily consider each other friends. However, within Epsilon our brotherhood stretches far beyond this assumption and all 100 fraters can trust that each and every person be a true brother and friend to them at all times. This brotherhood takes many forms from fraters assisting others with schoolwork every night despite their own obligations, having deep conversations for the betterment of each individual, as well as something as simple as supporting the endeavors of other fraters, such as attending intramural games. Our brotherhood also consists of events such as paintball, pickup games of football, catch in our front lawn, hiking at local parks, and countless other events. Our weekly Teke of the Week nominations also highlighted acts performed by fraters that went above and beyond to help other fraters, giving exceptional brotherhood the recognition it deserves. In order to achieve love, charity, and esteem within all of our lives, our chapter must always be tightly knit through the aspect of brotherhood. Epsilon exemplifies this day in and day out, and in turn, makes the chapter a truly special place for all members.”

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