Leadership Development & Apollo Club

Leadership Development

One of the greatest opportunities that our chapter offers to our members is the availability of leadership development. Many members are able to develop their leadership skills through their experiences as leaders within the
chapter and on campus, but TKE offers a program that allows members to
learn more about what it means to be a great leader and apply and evolve their
skills with leadership exercises. Epsilon made the decision to make Leadership Development and Member Development two separate entities in order to make two specific entities rather than one broad category. They do this in a few ways, while membership development focuses on how to better ourselves as men through outside speakers and programs such as CPR training, leadership development looks within the chapter through events such as public speaking workshops led by other leaders, or discussions on specific aspects of leadership. The importance of leadership knowledge is unparalleled, and TKE strives to equip its men with sound leadership practices.

Apollo Club

Another ideal that Tau Kappa Epsilon likes to emphasize is the acceptance and diversity of ideas. Apollo Club is held once or twice a month and consists of members sharing ideas and exploring perspectives on topics such as fraternal values, current world issues, and everything in between. Apollo Club is that opportunity to have those discussions. In roundtable fashion, members sit down and have conversations that may not be able to fit into the typical chapter meeting setting. Topics can vary in subject, from things like current events in the world all the way down to the scale of the TKE chapter and what we can do to provide and care for the future of our fraternity.

Some of the most productive conversations in the past year have revolved around Epsilon and how we overcome challenges internally and externally. One, in specific, from this semester was the methods each person can utilize to motivate others. Motivation can come from a multitude of sources and is different for each and every one of us. Learning our why, is one of the key tools to motivating others. If you do not understand why you are doing something, how can you motivate others to follow your path? Applying that to how we motivate our brothers in the correct and most beneficial way is how we as a chapter, can take another step in the right direction.

Other discussions that have arisen in the past have been ones about hazing, drugs, alcohol abuse, and how our Greek Community has been impacted by those stereotypes. Further discussion has included how we can change that stereotype moving forward in order to have a much more positive light in the media and at our university.

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