Academic Success Programs

Encouraging and fostering healthy academic habits is truly the basis for success. It is for that reason, the men of Epsilon strive to maintain consistency in their practices and assess any areas where its academics can be improved. The main way we accomplish this is through proactively addressing recurring problems and quickly addressing new ones. We have consistently out-perform the all-men GPA and are taking action in order to maintain our state of consistent improvement. 

  Our current proactive approach on grades focuses on the education of new members and active members with grades under the chapter minimum GPA requirement of a 2.65. These members receive a variety of stipulations at the start of each semester, when they meet with a membership quality board to talk about their previous performance and set goals for the coming semester. At this meeting, we catalog the courses from the previous semester, along with the grade received and the courses they will be taking in the upcoming semester. We then assign stipulations to these members, usually a combination of the following: a planner, study hours, tutoring sessions, supplemental instruction sessions, and more. 

  Additionally, each member is assigned to an academic team of five brothers, led by an upperclassman or an underclassman who has a track record of above-average performance in academics. These group leaders have taken similar coursework and are either in the same major or same college. Their team leader meets with them at least once a week to look over their grades and upcoming assignments in order to act as a mentor. Their goal is not to shame or look down upon the members, but to act as a guide and ensure everyone is succeeding.

  The final way to maintain a positive academic mindset in chapter is by having a public reward system in place. Through our “Skippy Jar,” we publicly acknowledge and reward members who attend every single class within a week’s time-frame. This raffle-style drawing gives members a further incentive to be an active participator in their own academics. With our similar “A-Getter” drawing, we recognize members who received an A on an examination within the last week. 

    The men of Epsilon hold education to the highest regard and have implemented countless means of improving its members’ academic pursuits.

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