Academic Success Programs

The Academic Success plan is made to help members achieve success inside the classroom and is especially geared towards helping new members during their first semester at Iowa State University. In order to ease the freshman transition, academic teams were created. These teams are headed by the Hypophetes, who chooses some of the older members who have performed well academically to be team captains. After captains are decided, all members are assigned a team by major. Each college is represented in the house, guaranteeing each new member will have relevant and accessible help from a more experienced member. The teams meet weekly to discuss grades, study habits, good practices, and other ways academic success can be attained. The teams are also competitive — the team with the highest GPA at the end of the semester is rewarded with various prizes.

Along with the academic teams, the house has weekly study hours during which everyone in the house must be studying. This ensures younger members get their work done and have a concrete opportunity to get help from older members.

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