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224 Ash Avenue, Ames, Iowa

Stop by anytime for a tour and brief history of the chapter.

Member Contacts

Name Phone Number ISU Email
President Zach Woodbeck 515-509-4195 woodbeck@iastate.edu
Vice President Samuel Jorgensen 515-971-9487 sdj@iastate.edu
Secretary Ryne Sandry 563-275-0039 rmsands@iastate.edu
Risk Manager Isaiah McNamee 319-939-6178 imcnamee@iastate.edu
Scholarship Nathan Leon 515-447-8724 nleon@iastate.edu
New Member Educator Zach Trochlil 612-840-2413 zacht@iastate.edu
Treasurer Cameron Johnson 515-897-8771 camrj@iastate.edu
Alumni Relations Mason Ohnemus 515-238-9651 mohnemus@iastate.edu
Recruitment Conor Goerg 630-352-6334 cmgoerg@iastate.edu
Grant Marek 319-461-8364 gmmarek@iastate.edu

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