Feel free to reach out to us by any of the means below!


224 Ash Avenue, Ames, Iowa

Stop by anytime for a tour and brief history of the house.

Member Contacts

Name Phone Number ISU Email
President Tom Scallon 515-360-4964 tscallon@iastate.edu
Vice President Nick Meyers 563-564-3000 ncmeyers@iastate.edu
Secretary Caleb Townsend 319-883-0209 ctown@iastate.edu
Risk Manager Blake Davis 515-205-2356 bdavis@iastate.edu
Scholarship Evan Wieczorek 224-805-0173 erw@iastate.edu
New Member Educator Luke Peters 515-975-1323 lcp14@iastate.edu
Treasurer Matt Tjaden 563-343-6795 mtjaden@iastate.edu
Recruitment Noah Gratias 515-979-7182 ngratias@iastate.edu
Nolan Vollstedt 515-447-3739 nmv44@iastate.edu
Alumni Relations Derek Thilges 515-520-7728 dthilges@iastate.edu


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